During my tests of over 5000 ugly yellow signs I have identified 11 profitable reason why real estate agents should be using them to generate buyer leads for their business. Now more than ever real estate agents have to think outside the box to be competitive.

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1. Low cost. At about $1.98 per sign with stake they are lower than any other advertising media.

Consider the cost of a newspaper line ad which is between $85 and $100 dollars or weekend home showcase ad $250 to $750, then there is the homes magazines charging roughly between $300 to $600 or how about thousands of dollars that are spent on just one direct marketing post card mail out?

2. Consistent advertising because of low cost.

One of the biggest reasons for any business failure is lack of capital for consistent marketing. At $1.98 per sign agents can stay consistent with their lead generation plan.

3. On demand – Quickly and easily generates leads when you want them.

Generating real estate buyer leads when you want them has several benefits. They help make your real estate lead generation and your business reliable and predictable.

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Too many real estate buyer leads can be overwhelming. Agents often spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a lead generation campaign and are overwhelmed by the response and are unable to follow up on the leads resulting in huge losses.

Ugly Yellow Signs will generate loads of calls for you, but if you happen to get overwhelmed and are unable to get back with all the calls, you are only out a few bucks. And of course you only have to put out signs, as you need, to build your lead generation funnel.

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4. Consistent message delivered perfectly hundreds of times.

Having a well scripted recorded message to use with your signs has such a positive impact on response, because a recorded message is nonthreatening, so prospects are far more likely to call on your sign when there is no threat of an agent on the other side of that call.

Plus a recorded message is delivered perfect every time staying consistent. We as agents get bored saying the same message over and over. So sometimes we might change it, or get a little lazy and not deliver it the way we should, every time.

5. They act like a sales force that works for you day and night.

They are like having sales professionals on your team working 24 hours a day 7 days a week without ever complaining. They show up on time to work, and never ask for a raise and even work holidays.

6. Doesn’t matter what level your business is at – They work.

If you are a new agent you could launch your entire business with just ugly yellow sign strategies. As a new agent, capitol to run your business is usually a little tight and you will most likely want to preserve it at $1.98 for a sign anyone can get the phone to ring and be in business.

Seasoned real estate agents who are looking for options to replace the high cost of in-effective lead generation methods, with low cost highly effective strategies, will find ugly yellow signs can cut expenses and increase there bottom line.

7. They have the ability to target specific areas and neighborhoods.

One of my favorite things about them are their ability to generate targeted prospects in specific areas and neighborhoods. This can also be done with some other types of advertising such as direct marketing, but is much more difficult and costly to do.

8. They have the ability to target prospect type.

With their flexibility I am able to target a specific prospect type like first time home buyers, move up buyers, Luxury home buyers.

9. They are Unique in their ability to differentiate YOU in your market area.

With so many me too agents all doing the same things, ugly yellow signs help you to stand out from the crowd of other agents, just like they stand out from other signs on the street.

I get listings all the time because of the attention my signs bring. I have been specifically asked countless times “Are you going to use those yellows signs for my property too?” In fact they are part of my listing presentation.

10. Increases the chance of selling your own listings.

As I mentioned in the “7 myths article ugly yellow signs won’t increase the percentage of double ending your own listing by 50 to 75% but they will increase the odds of selling your own listing between 20 to 30% which is significant when translated into real world dollars.

By Karl

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